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Are you thinking about exploring yoga further?

Michelle Ser gives an insight into why she chose to embark on her Teacher Training journey at Sukha Mukha in this video clip.

Michelle says, "It opened this whole new world, into understanding more about myself, my body and kind of my place in the world".

Join us at the studio for our FREE Yoga Teacher Training Info Session on 23rd May at 7.45-9.00pm. If you are also considering the Advanced Teacher Training please come along with any questions you would like answered. This is a free session but bookings are essential.

All your questions answered! Chat with Idit about our teacher training courses. Find out all the requirements, what to expect from the course, and anything else you'd like to know!

Sukha Mukha Yoga has one of the most well regarded and comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training courses in Australia, now in its thirteenth year with graduates teaching all over the world.

Take a look at our 200 hour Teacher Training options to embark on a deeply transformational journey. Sign up now take charge of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

  • 5 month weekly commencing July 26th

  • 1 month intensive commencing October 31st

Each course is RYS 200 Yoga Alliance accredited, recognised by OAMPS and AON insurance so you can start teaching right away!

This is a free session, but booking are essential. Click here to book now.

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