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Seven Week Restorative Yoga & Trauma
Informed Training & Immersion 

with Idit Hefer-Tamir (50 CPD)

When: Wednesdays from 11:30- - 14:30
Price: $990 EB By March 1st / $1150 After

Dharma Shala Studio, 71 Glenayr Av. Bondi & Online 

Commencing May 8th, 2024

Sukha Mukha is excited to announce it will be running a Restorative Yoga & Trauma Informed Teacher Training led by Idit Hefer-Tamir. It is both for teachers who wish to understand deeper what restorative yoga is and how to teach it and offer it to their students but also for those who just LOVE restorative yoga and wish to take their own practice deeper.

Restorative Yoga is the yoga of deep, conscious relaxation. It is the Yoga of ‘Being’, rather than the Yoga of ‘Doing’. Using as many props as necessary, this type of practice allows your muscles, ligaments and organs to relax on a much deeper level and by doing so to restore Prana, energy, life force. As your body finds the shape of the posture and melts into place your nervous system switches to calmness and a deep inner healing mode. This type of practice is extremely important and valuable to all people who live in modern society. It’s complementary to a strong Yoga practice and is suitable for all levels and all ages.




We will meet once a week on a Wednesday for 3 hours from 11:30-14:30.

Every week we will explore another layer and element of Restorative Yoga and Trauma Informed Yoga.

During the week you will be invited to find time to add a Restorative practice into your life and observe the effects it may have over your personal life and in other areas.

These benefits may not be obvious straight away but from one week to the next you will see these clearly. This will, most likely, inspire you to keep carving out a few minutes a day to reconnect and Rest in body, mind and spirit.

Some pre-recorded content will be shared for you to listen and watch before we meet.

Throughout the 7 weeks there are 3 additional zoom sessions on Monday evening from 7-8pm.

These are extra sessions to look at any questions that may arise as you practice these at home, how we can incorporate restorative practice into our lives as they are right now, and other questions and concerns that may arise as we start looking into these practices more closely.

At the end of the 7 weeks you will receive access to a 20 hours online course, in which you are asked to practice Restorative yoga for 20 days in a one month period.

It is my belief that only through practice and the embodied experience of the benefits, that we can then prioritise the practice we need, and from this place teach and inspire more authentically.

Spots are strictly limited, so please book in advance to secure your spot.



Each student is required to bring:

A bolster
4 b
2 blocks

1 Belt

*If you are travelling from a far or do not have these props in your possession please contact us wand we will provide you with props.



Wednesdays 11:30-14:30

 May 8th ,May 15th

May 22nd, May 29th, 

June 5th, June 12th, June 19th

Extra Zoom calls for discussion: Mondays 7-8pm

May 20th

June 3rd

June 24th

" When you take the time to lay down and close your eyes as an intentional practice, a light switch of cosmic proportions turns on inside you."

~Octavia Raheem~ 



Exploring Rest - What is Restorative Yoga? What is the difference between Restorative and Yin Yoga?

Restorative Heart openers - The foundational asanas of Restorative Yoga are reclining on our backs, and slowly with safety and props opening the hearts.


What is Trauma? - What is Trauma Informed teaching? - Introduction to Trauma and Trauma in relation to Yoga and the body.


Restorative Inversions- It is extremely beneficial for our body to be inverted, supplying more blood flow and oxygen to the brain. We will explore safe restorative asanas that promote this practice, with the support of the props it allows us to stay longer in these asanas and enjoy the benefits they hold.


Restorative Forward Bends - recoiling inwards, and with the support of as many props as necessary finding comfort and ease.

We will have time to practice individually, and collectively, propping each other and observing practitioners, while holding sacred space.

There will be journalling, meditation and pranayama, and time for both self reflection, and for group sharing.

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Your Teacher

Your teacher will be Idit Hefer-Tamir, Founder of Sukha Mukha Yoga and the Director of Sukha Mukha yoga teacher training. Idit was one of the first teachers to start offering restorative yoga classes in Sydney over 16 years ago. She has trained closely with Donna Farhi, Judith & Lizzie Lasther and completed a Trauma Informed training with Bessel Van Der Kolk. Restorative Yoga has been part of Idit's practice throughout the years and she is a big believer and advocate for the benefits of the practice. 

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