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200 Hrs Weekly Teacher Training

Commencing Thursday Feb 16th, 2023

This is our 19th year running yoga teacher training courses.

Our courses are for EVERYBODY and everyone willing to dive into the teachings of Yoga on and off the mat. While we explore the Asanas deeply and carefully, we also make sure we explore the different facets of Yoga; Philosophy, Sanskrit, Subtle Anatomy, Ayurveda and more. This allows the participants to find the topics that interest them the most and makes this practice even more meaningful and interesting than it already is.

Join our Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and embark on a deeply transformational journey. Change your career or simply deepen your own practice and understanding of Yoga. Our teacher training will inspire you to take charge of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health by laying the practical and philosophical foundations of a lifelong yoga practice — one that you can share with others.

How to apply


$3700AUD full cost for all sessions, 15 in-studio classes and Teacher training books and Teacher training manual. Additional recorded classes with Idit and recorded lectures.

Enroll by December 20th , 2022 and save $350

Enroll by January 10th, 2023 and save $200.

Please contact us for flexible payment options. We are more than happy to find a payment plan to suit your individual needs and only ask that you keep paying as we progress with the course and that the whole amount is paid prior to the END of the course.

​Experience the benefits of studying in a small group in our boutique Bondi studio (Dharma Shala Bondi), where trainees have the opportunity to build community are given individual attention – honoring the tradition of yoga teacher training.​

Why Us?

Now in its Nineteenth year with graduates teaching all over the world, Sukha Mukha Yoga has one of the most well regarded and comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training courses in Australia. The course was originally developed by Katie Rose and is now run by Sukha Mukha’s founder and director of teacher training, Idit Hefer Tamir.

The training is designed to comprehensively explore the philosophy and physiology of yoga as well as the practical aspects of teaching asana, pranayama and meditation. The course is deliberately eclectic in nature providing students with a broad understanding of the many diverse schools and aspects of yoga practice. Students from all yogic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

“One of our strengths is that our course is suitable both for those who know they want to teach at the end of the course and for those who simply want to dive deeper into the yogic teaching and are not yet sure if they wish to teach or not.” Idit 


By the end of the course teacher training students will be fully prepared to stand in front of their own class of students and know how to deliver a class well. Students will also be introduced to the many facets of yoga and thereby given the opportunity to understand what it is they are most drawn to and what they would want to learn further and more deeply.


Sukha Mukha’s Yoga Teacher Training has over 250 hours of training allowing for greater depth of knowledge and practical application for students to feel confident to take the next steps towards becoming an inspiring teacher.

Upcoming Dates

" Thank You Idit for your space holding, seed planting, support and encouragement throughout this course. I feel privileged to have been introduced to the teachings of yoga under your guidance and mentorship and I am looking forward to developing my own practice and to teach in the near future. "  / Frances

Training Hours

Training Hourse

Times: Thursdays, 8:00am– 4pm. 

Attendance: 80% attendance

Home study: Pre recorded videos, Assessments, written and practical work, 1 class teaching start to end, 1 theory exam

Starts: February 16th, 2023

Graduation: JUNE 22ND, 2023

How to Apply

Please fill in the application form. You will be notified of your acceptance within a week of receiving your application.

Please contact us via email if you have any problems downloading it from our website or if you have not heard back within a week.


Throughout the years, Idit maintained a close working relationship and support with her teachers, and through them with their teachers and the long line of Yogic lineage. She offers a beautiful connection to the traditional aspects of yoga and its various lineages with modern interpretations and applications to the culture in which we live.

Course Content

Course Content

Anatomy & Physiology

Pranayama & Meditation

Sanskrit Foundations

Counselling & Communication skills



Yogic Philosophy

Introduction to Ayurveda


Yogic Physiology

Practical tools for the business of yoga

Transitioning into


What style of Yoga do you teach?

At sukha mukha yoga we teach hatha vinyasa yoga and we incorporate much of the inspiration from the teachings of Yogic philosophy. we recommend if you haven’t practiced with us before, come along to one of our classes either in person or livestream (online), or attend a livestream teacher training info session. you will have a free opportunity to participate in a class led by the senior teachers on the advanced teacher training to experience our style as teaching as well as a chance to ask questions.

While we Introduce you to the Inspiration that was Infused In us by our teachers, and their teachers, we always encourage you to teach from your own practice and heart, and will support you In finding your true authentic voice.


How do I enrol/apply for the course?

On the Teacher-Training page on the website please scroll down and complete the attached application form. Email this to If you have problems uploading please contact us and we will email you a Word version of the form. We require a deposit to secure your place on the course. This can be transferred directly into our account or dropped into the Studio.


What Yoga experience is required?

Applications are assessed on an individual basis. While it is always preferable to have had some experience of Yoga and Yoga practice we look at each circumstance separately. Many people take a Yoga Teacher Training simply for personal development and so for these reasons we really try and give most individuals the chance to take the course. However, you will need to be committed and eager to learn and embark on a deeply transformational journey.

Both training programs cost $3700, Early bird $3500 and special early bird $3350. The cost includes the full training, all the required reading material access to the online platfor onlince classes aand lectures, and assessments. If you miss sessions you may be required to make these up with a private lesson with the appropriate teacher at the cost of $80 per hour. This is the only time you will be required to add money to the overall cost of the course.

Do I have to pay in full to be eligible for the early bird price?

No, as long as you pay the deposit by the early bird date you are eligible for the early bird price.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Once the deposit has been paid, we can tailor a payment plan that caters best to your individual needs. You can choose to pay larger amounts on a monthly basis or smaller amounts more frequently. We just ask that you keep paying as we progress with course and that the whole amount is paid 2 weeks prior to the end of the course.

How big are the classes?

Our classes vary in size from year to year and from one course to the next. We work with intimate groups , where you can get a lot of attention and practice at teaching. We usualy get around 12-14 students, but thiscan vary. Everything possible is ensured so that you can get the most out of your course.

What is included in the cost?

The cost includes the full training, all the required reading material access to the online platfor onlince classes aand lectures, and assessments.

What’s the difference between the 3-month weekend intensive course & the 5-month weekly course?

Both programs contain the same training, courses and modules and are just offered in 2 different ways to suit and cater for the different needs and requirements of students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course registered to any Yoga Associations?

Sukha Mukha Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance; a US based international yoga association and with Yoga Australia. Graduates can apply to Yoga Alliance for the appropriate 200-hour certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher, which is recognised in Australia and internationally.

What is the required course attendance? / Missing sessions

70% in-person attendance is reuqired.
DEPENDING on which days you need to miss. You must try and tell us prior to booking into the course so we can let you know if we can accommodate this. However, any missed sessions have to be made up and may result in having to do a private lesson with the appropriate teacher at a cost of $80 per hour. You may split the cost with anyone else who has also missed the same session. Please note, this is the ONLY time you will be required add money to the overall cost of the course.

What assessments are involved in the Teacher Training?

Sukha Mukha Yoga Teacher Training courses are highly experiential. Student participation and competency is regularly assessed throughout the training with tests, practicals, discussions and teaching practice. Through this process, students will be well-versed in all aspects of the training. If a student is deemed not yet competent, help can usually be provided for further study or practice and reassessment within the timeframe of the course. Students are required to teach a complete yoga class, a private class, sit a theory exam as their final assessment, and to complete their 50-hours of class attendance. Half of which we expect to be at Sukha Mukha Yoga.

Do we get insurance?

Upon achieving your Certificate of Training from Sukha Mukha Yoga, you then need to take your First Aid Course Certification at your own discretion. After both these are completed you are free to apply for your insurance (Yoga Teachers Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance). You may apply through an insurance provider (for example VERO, OAMPS & AON). Insurance is required by many Yoga Studios and venues in order to teach, and at Sukha Mukha Yoga this is non-negotiable.

Is there any on-going support or continued education at Sukha Mukha Yoga?

Continuing education is really valuable for additional learning, support and inspiration, and to keep you in contact with your teachers and peers. It’s also a requirement of continuing membership of many yoga associations. We offer advanced workshops, specialist trainings, courses, teacher mentoring programmes, occasional retreats and much, much more for ongoing support after your training. All of these can count toward your continued learning and some towards your next level of Teacher Training if you are registered with Yoga Alliance/ Yoga Australia. See each individual programme for more information. We suggest that you subscribe to our Newsletter to keep abreast of current events, and we strongly encourage you to stay in contact with your fellow Sukha Mukha trainees. Our Sukha Mukha Facebook page is great for keeping up to date and in contact with others.

What qualification will I gain?

On successfully completing the 200-hour Level 1 Teacher Training, you will be issued a Certificate of Yoga Teacher Training from Sukha Mukha Yoga. This is accredited both by Yoga Alliance, the US based International Yoga Association at the 200-hour level and by Yoga Australia This means you will be able to get insurance and can start teaching straight away.


T&C - 

A $500 non refundable fee for those who enrol and an additional $100 if books were already picked, and additional $25 for every classes attended  as long as the cancellation took place more than 60 days before course commencement. 

A $700 non refundable fee for those who enrol and an additional $100 if books were already picked, and additional $25 for every classes attended  as long as long as the cancellation took place more than 30 days before course commencement

A $1,500 non refundable fee for those who enrol, which includes the book you receive, any classes attended, if cancellation is less than 30 days before course commencement, but before the course commenced. 

No refund once the course commenced.

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