Teacher Training, and why we think you should do it close to home.

As tempting as it might sound to jet off overseas and complete a teacher training, here are 3 reasons why we recommend you complete your 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training a little closer to home… With so many level 1 teacher trainings on offer it can be overwhelming to decide where to study. While all trainings and course have something special, we personally recommend studying in the city (or at least the same state) in which you live. 1. Your Yoga Family Check out our testimonials page, and you’ll notice something that comes up time and time again. Life long friends. A yoga family. Study anywhere in the world and you’ll make close friendships, yet face to face communication and community cannot

5 Ayurvedic Rituals for Everyday

With our Ayurveda focused Advanced Teacher Training Workshop and Ayurvedic Teacher Training Retreat with Jasmine Tarkeshi coming up, PLUS the sudden arrival of Winter, we’ve really been getting into these simple Ayurvedic rituals lately. Below are just 5 easy practices you can add to your day that take only a few minutes, yet make a world of difference. Feel free to share your favourites and experiences in the comments below! GROUNDING YOGA POSES ~ Take a cue from nature, where her pace slows in Autumn. Favour grounding yoga poses like supported reclining twists and forward bends. They benefit the nervous system, support the adrenals and the liver’s function of detoxing as the seasons change

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