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A couple of months ago, just when #isolation ended & we were transitioning back to school, I once again snapped at my kids for not being as “quick” & “responsive” as I wanted them to be. we then got into the car & started driving to school. Inbar, My 11 year old boy was sitting next to me. He was quiet. “When I grow up I don’t want to have kids” he said. I found this surprising as it was the 1st time he mentioned this. “Why” I asked. “You’ll be an amazing dad” “Because I never saw anything  makes you & dad angry as me & Shaya”. 😢 💔💔💔 A knife went through my ❤️, up, down & sideways. “Oh my god” I thought to myself. “What have I done?” I tried to explain they were the greatest source of #j

What do you see when you look at this photo?

What do you see when you look at this photo? I see wrinkles. I see #decay . I see an old(er) woman than the one I imagine. I don’t like what I see. And then, even more, I really don’t like the fact that I don’t like what I see. This is the cycle . And I’m not sure which one is more frustrating for me; The fact I’m not aging as well as I would have wanted to (in my mind of course), or the fact that after so many years of practicing and studying yoga, practicing and studying the self, self acceptance, compassion and non attachment, I’m still struggling with the fact that I am growing older, and that even though my spirit feels young, my face tells a different story. Every time I pass by a mirr

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