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It’s all about the Wood Element for Spring!

Our body, mind and soul are profoundly influenced by the laws of nature, where the theory of Yin-Yang and the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) come from. It is Chinese philosophy that teaches us everything in the universe is interconnected with each other.

In the upcoming workshop of Yin yoga and aromatherapy, we will focus on one of the five elements, “WOOD”.

This “WOOD” element represents the stability and flexibility like a big tree deeply rooted in the earth, but with branches that can sway with the wind.

The wood element is associated with the season of Spring. The “Liver (Yin)” and “Gallbladder (Yang)” organs relate to this element.

The season of spring represents new beginnings, new births like the seeds under the ground that are beginning to sprout and grow.

Liver and gallbladder chi (prana, or life force) are related to the emotions of anger and compassion. Liver chi controls the overall flow of energy and balance of emotions. When the liver chi is out of balance, you become chronically angry, emotionally irregular, become upset easily and feel annoyed. Feeling resistant toward anything is the sign of liver chi imbalance. When balanced, you become more compassionate to yourself and all those around you.

When we focus on this particular element, these emotions might arise during the practice. Sarah Powers says,“When we are experiencing liver chi imbalances, it is helpful to diminish our preoccupation with our irritations and gently turn toward our feeling. As we diminish acting out in a harsh way and increase sensitivity toward ourselves, we open pathways toward self-care, helping us stay attentive and connected to our bodies. This is the movement toward compassion…”

Aromatherapy approaches the healing of our body, mind and soul through the sense of smell. The sense of smell is the oldest sensory function of human beings, and it is the only sense that is directly connected to the cerebral limbic system, which is related to our emotions and memory. The aroma oils are extracted from natural plants with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, blood circulation promoting properties amongst many others.

The aromatherapist Masayo specifically blended the aroma oil for this workshop and you will have a small bottle to take home with you.

Both yin yoga and aromatherapy tap into emotions and guide you to deeply connect with yourself, observe what arises not just emotionally, but also physically and mentally. This is the one of our unique workshops not to be missed!

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