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6 Reasons Why You Should Enrol in Yoga Teacher Training TODAY!

You’ll Discover Yoga is WAY More Than Asana.

And your asana ability has nothing to do with your teaching ability or yoga ability in general. One of the most common questions we recieve is “For reason XZY I can’t do any advanced poses / strong poses / many poses at all, can I still do the teacher training?” The answer is a resounding YES! Do you love yoga? Do you want to immerse yourself in the practice? This is the only prerequisite you need to join the course. Not only will you have a chance to explore asana in detail (and probably come to the conclusion that you can’t even do a downward dog ~correctly~ let alone a free standing handstand) you’ll realise is it not the ‘perfect pose’ that makes yoga the healing practice it is, but the journey and what we learn along the way. You’ll learn to practice mindfully, with deeper awareness and develop the ability to ease into poses rather than throwing your body around. And on that note….

You’ll Start to Honour and Trust Your Body

We can have what appears to be a strong, beautiful yoga practice, yet still be completely disconnected from our bodies. Throughout the training, you’ll start to honour not only your strengths, but also your weaknesses and just how valuable they are – allowing you to connect with and better teach others. You’ll really get to know your body and start to appreciate the true gift that it is.

You’ll Meet Lifelong Friends and Community.

It can be tempting to jet off to Bali, leave the world behind and immerse yourself in a teacher training program overseas, however, community is irreplaceable in the yoga world. You’ll meet people of all ages and walks of life sharing yoga as a common thread. When you’ve been through a training together, you’ve shared something deep and special. You’ll witness profound change and growth, all the while realising it is a lifelong journey. One that needs the support and trust of souls on the same path.

You Will Open Up.

You will blossom. You will regain that sparkle in your eye. You’ll start to strip back the layers tightly wrapped around your heart. You’ll notice the stories you tell yourself. Come face to face with your beliefs and values. Yoga Teacher Training is often a journey within to discover your true self… and it doesn’t stop with graduation. You’ll continue to notice the lessons and the teachings. You’ll be more aware of the awesomeness of the everyday. The changing of the seasons. The phases of the moon. The beauty of nature. You will learn to find gratitude even in tough times.

It Will Give You Confidence.

Regardless of your desire to teach or not, you will have to get up in front of the room and teach. To some, this might seem horrifying at first. But believe it or not, it gets easier. It gets easier really fast. The more you practice speaking in front of a group, the easier it becomes. And a teacher training group is the most supportive environment to practice this skill, because it is an environment where you will be fully herd and supported. This in itself can be healing. Teaching a class or a pose is nothing like delivering an academic speech, and teaches an invaluable skill for life, in the workplace and for speaking your truth in general.

It Will Change Your Life.

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