8 week Beginners course

beginenrs2-FOR-WEB8 week course with Pats Kinnaird
Commencing September 1st, 2015
Every Tuesday for 8 weeks from 7:45-9pm
$130/ booking essential

Yoga is a wonderful, holistic practice, but unfortunately the only practice that allows us to decide for ourselves which level of class to attend. For most of us if we are slightly flexible or strong we will very quickly find ourselves in an advanced class, before we are fully aware of the proper foundations of yoga, body alignment and correct breathing techniques, making us more prone to injury. This course will shed light on these very important elements and will enable you to choose wisely which class to attend and how to modify each practice in order to meet your needs and better protect yourselves. Throughout the 8 weeks you will gain deeper body awareness, build strength & flexibility, reduce stress and improve your sense of well-being.

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Yoga Detox week with Martine Allars

MartineMonday September 14th – Sunday September 20th (inclusive)
Monday – Friday practice 6:30-7:30am
Saturday & Sunday practice 10:30am-12:30pm
$180/ booking essential
Join Martine for a week of 7 practices, Bring in the new season with a healthy and happy body.
This inside – outside workshop will bring the spring back into your step.
Focusing on a detox diet, asana and meditation to set you on the right course again.
It is a week just for you, with daily recipes and reflections from the yogic philosophies to help you take it beyond the physical!
You will be taking practices on the mat and off the mat for a deep detox of the body and mind.
You will receive daily emails to stay on track.
Spots strictly limited adn tend to sell our quickly so…. Be quick!

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7-Week Chakra Balance Spring Clean with Patty Kikos


7 week course with Patty Kikos
Commencing September 16, 2015
Every Wednesday from 6:15-7:45pm
$110/ booking essential

Join Patty Kikos for a soothing, healing journey that involves kundalini yoga, meditation and gong healing.

During the spring months we will gently and lovingly energise each chakra’s corresponding vital organ so that you have the physical energy and mental clarity to enjoy the longer days.

Open to all levels and personality types, especially those who want to put a spring back into their step!

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Mindfulness in Daily Life with Marissa Nolan

8 week course with Marissa Nolan
Commencing September 21st, 2015
Every Monday from 6:15 -7:30pm
$240/ booking essential

‘MINDFULNESS IN DAILY LIFE’ is the key to integrating your meditation practice and developing skills that alleviate stress, to promote presence, appreciation and clarity. Mindful living shows you a new approach to working with thoughts, feelings, situation and people in your life. Where you can transform your experience though the presence and the quality of attention you give to it. You will practice stress relief techniques that are easy, and practical enough to integrate straight away. This course aims to show you how meditation really can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

In this course you will:

· Discover the living principles of mindfulness
· Learn the foundations of meditation
· Release stress, anxiety and emotion
· Learn how to integrate mindful living
· Understand how mindfulness alleviates stress
· Experience the physiological benefits of mindfulness
· Access acceptance and compassion
· Experience simple yet powerful mindfulness practices
· Understand the neuroscience of mindfulness & meditation
· Feel a greater connection to yourself & life
· Learn tools to stay in the present momentMarissa is a Mindfulness and Compassion Trainer, Mindful Yoga and Meditation Teacher, as well as a Stress Relief Therapist. As a therapist her intention is to empower you to understand yourself fully, & to support you to develop abilities to bravely face the highs and lows of life open heartedly. Her work is a true synthesis of authentic ancient practice and modern evidence based research. Where wisdom of the ages and modern knowledge happily converge.* For those that find it challenging to arrive by 6.15pm, the door will now be left open until 6.30pm when the meditation practice begins.

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Hormone Yoga Therapy with Jutta Wohlrab


Saturday October 24 – Sunday October 25th
Time: 9:45 – 5:30pm 
Cost: $270 early bird (ends oct 9th) / $300

 Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) has been developed by Dinah Rodriguez, a psychologist and yoga teacher from Brazil. This practice will help any woman suffering from hormone imbalance: menopause, difficulty conceiving, thyroid issues, irregular period, PMS and more. With energetic exercises of yoga, pranayama, asana and tibetan energy techniques, this practice acts directly on the endocrine system, adrenals and ovaries. This workshop is suitable for women with or without yoga experience. Juttah Wohlrab is a practising yoga teacher and midwife and has been trained directly by Dinah. She has been teaching these workshops since 2010. Do not miss the opportunity to be inspired by this wisdom and her tremendous experience in this field.

Spots are strictly limited. Be quick! For bookings click here