8-Week Beginners Course with Pats Kinnard

When: Commencing January 12th
Time: Every Tuesday evening, 7:45 – 9pm

Gain deeper body awareness, build strength and flexibility, reduce stress and improve your overall sense of wellbeing with Yoga!

This course will shed light on these very important elements and will enable you to choose wisely which class to attend and how to modify each practice in order to meet your needs and better protect yourself.

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8-Week Iyengar Course with Sophie Johnston

When: Commencing January 18th
Time: Every Monday evening, 7:45 – 9pm

Iyengar Yoga will benefit all students of all levels (including absolute beginners) and especially those interested to know more about alignment and bringing more stability and safety into their practice. It is extremely beneficial for those suffering from any physcial condition as there is a lot of emphasis on correct alignment for the individual.

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When: February 27 – 28, 2016
Early Bird Price: $340, valid until January 23rd, 2016

Learn to design creative kids yoga classes, combining stories, music and games with traditional yoga techniques. Learn how to create a unique movement experience for kids.

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The 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness – A 6 week course with Marissa Nolan

When: Commencing Monday 7th of March, 2016
6:15 – 7:30pm

Take a new approach to 2016! Whether you sit and meditate or not, you can still use these principles to enrich and transform your life daily.Ideal for beginners or advanced meditators. This course will show you how the beauty and simplicity of mindfulness philosophy can positively change the way you see yourself, your experience and the world around you.

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