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Joyful & Intelligent Sequencing
Monthly Gatherings
for Yoga Teachers

Next Session Tuesday April 5th 7-9pm

This offering is for all Yoga Teachers

We aim to meet once a month and explore what does Intelligent and Joyful sequencing mean to you, to me, and to us ?

We will share ideas, inspiration, suggestions, transitions, and the little shifts in perspective that can transform a pause or a sequence to something completely different and new.

Each month we will have a focus, and we will practice together, have time to reflect and journal our own ideas, and share them in the group.

This is a wonderful opportunity to grow together as a community, to step out of whatever box we have found ourselves in, to reconsider the way we have been approaching this sacred art, and find our own voice to then share it with ourselves in our own practice and with our students when we teach.


Strong Back 
Soft Front Wild Heart

Tuesday April 5th

19:00-21:00 via zoom


In this Joyful & Intelligent Sequencing session we will explore Back bending:

We will consider how to cue safe alignment in some of the back bends, how to cue options and modifications, and look at props we could use in a classroom.

We will consider the different themes that can go along with the different asanas, and will come up with joyful & intelligent sequences and transitions.

When: Tuesday Evening once a month

Time: 19:00-21:00 (Sydney Australia time)

Cost: $40

Upcoming dates for 2022:

March 1st, April 5th, May 3rd

What is included?

A theme will be introduced prior to our gathering.

A link to a recording of a class with Iditr for this theme will be shared prior to the gathering.

When we meet, the session will begin with centering & theming. 

We will then move into reflection, suggestions and each teacher will have time to come up with their own ideas for sequencing and class planning.

We will then have a group discussion to inspire one another, and if time permits will practice some of these suggestions, look more closely into the different elements that make a practice complete: language, transitions, little shifts / modifications in a pose, the use of props, mantra, mudra, meditation and pranayama.

My hope is that each week a teacher will teach us a free class so we can all give each other constructive feedback and be inspired by the endless possibilites that each class holds, moving away from the generic "one size fit all" way of teaching.


The when, how & what

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