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Vibeke Murphy

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Vibeke has a Bachelor of Science Majoring in Physiology and Anatomy as well as a Masters in Chiropractic. She has 15 years of hands on experience.

Vibeke has a keen personal interest in maintaining optimal health and is passionate about educating those around her with her knowledge.

Vibeke is a firm believer in employing exercise and diet as an adjunct to her treatment and pays great attention helping each patient reach their individual goals. Vibeke has a special interest in addressing postural problems due to bad work place ergonomics, pregnancy changes as well as optimising the health and overall wellbeing of people from all walks of life.

VIbeke's treatment approach is very hands on. She employs a wide range of chiropractic manual manipulative techniques as well as using remedial, myofascial and PNF muscle release techniques.For the past 9 years Vibeke has been involved in teaching Anatomy to yoga teachers at various teacher trainer workshops around Sydney. 

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