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Sunita Baste

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Sunita is very passionate about yoga. As a child growing up in India, Sunita learned yoga from traditional masters. Yoga has positive impact on every aspect of Sunita’s life. Sunita wants to share with others this life transforming practice which has transformed her life for the better.

Sunita holds a Masters Degree in Computer Management, and has worked in the Corporate sectors in Bombay and Pune in India. During this time, Sunita experienced first hand the stresses of Corporate life as well as the immeasurable benefits from applying the traditional yoga practices to the management of the challenges and pressures of Corporate life. Sunita was involved in teaching yoga to adults and children in Pune.

After moving to the USA in 1999, Sunita started to share her passion of Yoga with people from Western culture and was again inspired by yoga’s profound adaptability. 

After living in the USA for 6 ½, years Sunita moved to Australia where she continues sharing her love for yoga with students managing hectic lifestyles & health issues.

In Australia Sunita has completed the fully Government accredited Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at Australia’s leading College of Natural Therapies, Nature Care College in Sydney.

Sunita has completed in depth “Yoga Design” course on yoga and functional assessment/body alignment.

She has completed Advanced Pranayama/breathing techniques course. She has also done course in Natural Health, wellness, nutrition & lifestyle option course. And Introductory Ayurveda course/ traditional Indian medicine course. Sunita specializes in  therapeutic yoga sessions like back-care etc. and also in Corporate Stress Management. Sunita teaches Beginners, General, Intermediate, Corporate Stress Relief Yoga Classes and  teaches specialized therapeutic yoga sessions for any health related issues which can be done in private settings or as one to one yoga classes. Sunita also conducts Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy workshops for yoga teachers & for general public. She conducts half day, one day & week-end yoga retreats and yoga workshops  in Sydney area.

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