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Monthly Mentoring circle for Yoga Teachers

When: Wednesday, 4th of August

Time: 9:30 - 11:30 am

Where: At home via Zoom

Price:  $25

Join us for a 2 hours mentoring session with Nicky West.


In this 2 hours mentoring session we will explore the potential that lies in your voice voice and the impact it has when we can remove any blockages that might still be standing in our way.

We will look at what might be blocking the full expression of your voice personally and historically, particularly for those whose voices have been systemically oppressed.

With Nicky's professional guidnace and expertise we will explore:

  • We will learn about the throat chakra (energy centre) and how to develop a stronger more vibrant and resonant quality to your voice whilst working with your voice safely, avoiding strain and damage.  

  • We will practice simple exercises for developing the breath and vocal capacity then bring that into sound and speaking so that you’re able to use your natural voice projected.  Playing with tone, pitch and meaning can help to inspire and engage the students we’re working with whilst remaining true to our own unique voice.

  • We’ll explore how to use and embody your voice effectively whilst teaching yoga in different spaces and settings particularly if you are demonstrating postures

  • We’ll play with tone, pitch and meaning to inspire and engage the students you’re working with whilst remaining true to your own unique voice.



Nicky West is a voice mentor and yoga teacher for people who want to embody their voice, be present, find inner peace and communicate bravely.

She offers one to one mentoring and an online group program in voice confidence.  She also offers yoga and voice classes online and individual/group retreats in The Hunter Valley, Australia. She helps people move towards clarity, trust, confidence and connection.

Nicky has been a yoga teacher for 18yrs and an actor for 30yrs. She holds a BA Honours degree in Acting and Theatre studies from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and is an ERYT Yoga Teacher and Facilitator.
She has facilitated groups and mentored people in the UK, Europe and Australia.

Her clients have included corporate and social enterprise groups, people with disabilities, billionaire business owners and people who’ve experienced trauma, including those in rehab and correctional centres.