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Mantra Chanting & Harmonium Course

with Nadav Kahn

When: 24th July 2019


Time: 1:30 - 3:30 pm


Price:  4 weeks course $160 / Drop in - $45. 



Science tells us that all of existence is the assimilation of vibration. Where there is vibration there is sound and the reverberation of energy. In many ways, sound is seen to be the source of creation.

Mantra is simply a sound or phrase that vibrates at a specific rate. Through repetition, it allows us to tune in to different levels of intelligence or consciousness. It is designed to get the mind vibrating at the frequency of the most harmonious aspects of nature, within and without.

Throughout this program, we will study and explore the power of voicing specific mantras, while simultaneously learning to play harmonium in a group context. Participants will develop proficiency, confidence and grace in chanting and playing harmonium, enabling self expression and connection to your own personal powers of manifestation and creativity. Students will also experience and learn the powerful Bheej Chakra mantra practice, considered to be a formidable tool for health and well being and learn about Bhakti yoga, the uplifting art of devotion, chant and prayer.


This course is designed for yogi’s & yoga teachers wishing to enhance their yoga teaching with chanting, for those who aspire to lead Kirtan, and for anyone wishing to discover the joy of chanting and devotional practice. This series is suitable for complete beginners and/or those with experience who would benefit from diving deeper into their practice.

You may attend as a drop in however, basics will not be repeated week by week so if you’ve never done a harmonium workshops make sure you come to the first session or even better sign up to the course!


Nadav Kahn is a singer-songwriter and Kirtan artist who for many years has been deeply immersed in yoga, mantra and mysticism. In his extensive travels to India, Nadav has studied mantra, and will be sharing many of these chants so together we can invoke many powerful qualities within ourselves.

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