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When: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2022

Time: 9:30 - 11:30am

Where: At home via Zoom

Price:  $25


Beginning well or beginning poorly, what is important is simply to begin, but the ability to  make a good beginning is also an art form.  Beginning well involves a clearing away of the crass, the irrelevant, and the complicated to find the beautiful, often hidden lineaments of the essential and the necessary." / David Whyte



Mapping the body through poetry


In this Body Poetry workshop we will once again navigate the body through practicing yoga poses, pausing throughout our practice to self enquire and respond using poetry. Reaching the end of the year, and what a year it has been, we decided the theme for this month’s workshop is



Using all our senses we will talk to the body, start a conversation with mind, body and spirit to write short poems.

How do I feel in this pose?
What comes up for me?
Memories might surface, future ideas might unearth.
Rather than these thoughts and feelings just swirling throughout our practice we will bring them to the page and weave poetry from the words that rise. 
You will need:
Comfortable clothes

No prior poetry or yoga experience required. 

***This session will be recorded. A link will be sent and will be available to view for 7 days, for all who enroll. 

The workshop with you and Miriam on Wednesday was marvellous! While I wrote many things, I was at a loss for words at the end of it and not able to share with you and Miriam my experiences when it finished. I found both the asana and poetry sections so liberating. I particularly liked Miriam’s introduction to poetry and the writing process or wild writing, and the seeds of ideas that she planted for the writing. Likewise with you and the asanas. I have historically found eagle pose somewhat difficult until we covered it in teacher training. However, the freedom to change and modify the pose in the workshop was like discovering a new room in my house! Overall, the workshop had a lovely organic flow to it. I’m looking forward to the next one!"  /   Paul


Idit is the founder of Sukha Mukha Yoga and the Director of Sukha Mukha Yoga Teacher Training.

Idit started practicing yoga when she was 28 years old, while traveling in India. This has been a pivotal moment that changed and impacted her whole life. She since then kept diving deeper into this method and philosophy and completed her first teacher training in 2006 with Katie Rose. Since then she studied with many beautiful and inspiring teachers.

Inspired by how much Yoga has changed her life for the better, she continues to share the teachings, the wisdom, the philosophy & the joy that Yoga has to offer with the hope that she will be able to help more people to heal, to be empowered & to be reminded by the immense knowledge, power and wisdom that resides within each and everyone of us.


Miriam Hechtman is an Australian writer, creative producer and poet. She is the founder and creative director of POETICA, a live poetry and music initiative and is also co-presenter and producer of WORDSMITH – the poetry podcast. She is also editor and founder of The Alphabet of Women to be published by Ginninderra Press 2021. Her column Both Sides Now is published monthly at Plus61JMedia. For several years, Miriam partnered with award winning UK photographer Harry Borden on the book Survivor – A Portrait of the Survivors of the Holocaust (Hachette/Octopus). An avid traveler, currently she is based in Sydney with her husband and two daughters.

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