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Friday June 21st

$80 EB by June 15th / $90 Afterwards

Dharma Shala Studio, 71 Glenayr Av. Bondi & Online 

To find your true self

You must return to the center

~ Lao Tzu ~

Restorative yoga is the practice of Pausing. Slowing down, and observing what is here, now.

As we support the body in the different asanas, with the tools of pranayama and meditation, we  move into deeper layers, bodies and healing.

Join us for "A Return to Center," a restorative workshop dedicated to nurturing your inner dreamer and guiding your path forward. This ongoing practice invites you to create space for reflection and growth, allowing you to release unneeded baggage that weighs you down.


Amidst the waves of emotions, you'll learn to return to your center, embracing hope and light. Reconnect with your true self and find the balance you seek

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Full Moon has always been a time for reflection and Self Care in many different cultures and traditions. Under the Capricorn full moon on June 22, a balance between hard and soft energies will emerge, inviting us to be honest about our personal boundaries and their impact on our situations and relationships. This Full Moon also happens to be unfolding 2 days after the  Winter Solstice; a rare, magical time of manifestation.


This is the time to reflect about life, evaluating where you need more freedom, structure, or control. Embrace your personal authority and take a stand against what isn’t working for you. The duality between the sun and moon can strain emotions, and you may need to regulate your feelings to stay true to yourself.

This full moon highlights the passage of time. We can often feel pressured about unmet goals or milestones. In this workshop we will take time to appreciate our resilience and maturity. 

Taking time and creating space to think and consider how you wish to move forward while nurturing the visions of the dreamer within is an ongoing practice.


We continue to practice letting go of unneeded baggage that weighs us down, and amongst the different emotions we may experience, again and again returning into centre, hope and light.

This workshop is available for everyone.

No previous experience required.

Please contact me with any questions you might have.

Spots are strictly limited so please book in advance.

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