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The Yoga Of Sleep Workshop
with Daphne Ravey

When: Saturday 10th November

Time: 14:30 - 17:30pm

Price: $40 early bird price if paid before 5th November, $50 thereafter

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you wake up feeling tired?

Do you find it difficult to switch off?

This workshop will give you effective and easy to use tools from Yoga, Mindfulness and Ayurveda for sound sleep. Start waking up refreshed and energised every day. Emerge from this workshop deeply relaxed and ready for sleep.

In this workshop you will:


  • Acquire tried, tested and proven techniques to permanently improve your sleep.

  • Learn to calm your mind and create balance.

  • Rejuvenate your body.

  • Experience deep blissful relaxation.

And much more!

Daphne Ravey is a holistic therapist, educator and spiritual healer. She is a senior
yoga and meditation teacher, psychotherapist and Ayurvedic practioner. Daphne works in private practice and runs empowering workshops helping people to develop more peace, balance and fulfilment.

We are located at:
38c Macpherson Street
Bronte NSW 2024


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