Yoga of Birth Mini Intensive - 

For Yoga Teachers, Pregnant Women and Birth Workers

with Katie Rose

When: Saturday 17th of May 2020

Times: 9.45-12.45am with break then 2.30-5.30pm


Price: $200 early bird until 30th September /Afterwards $250


Join yoga teacher, doula, mother of four and author of ‘The Yoga of Birth’ for a day of pregnancy yoga empowerment.

We will look at asana safety and sequencing for all trimesters, supporting labour with yoga and dive into the magical world of birth and babies together.


A great intro to the topic for yoga teachers and birthworkers alike. Pregnant women are also welcome. 


Price includes a PDF version of Katie’s book ‘The Yoga of Birth’ which will be emailed to you when you book. 

The ancient yogic texts describe human birth as a great gift—something that should be honoured and welcomed with due respect and humility. Ideally, the experience of birthing will not harm either the mother or the child in accordance with the yogic teaching of ahimsa or non-violence. Ahimsa is the foundation of all yoga philosophy and the first of Patanjali’s eight limbs.

Yoga is proven to be a safe and effective exercise during pregnancy. Not only does it have a multifaceted effect on the pregnant mother’s body, including developing strength, maintaining fitness and reducing symptoms of pregnancy such as muscle aches, swelling, sciatica, cramps, and fatigue but it also has a demonstrated effect on her mind and her baby.

This training is primarily for yoga teachers but would also be great for pregnant women as we spend time on birth preparation. It would also serve as a good introduction to yoga teachers interested in becoming a doula.

"There is nothing as powerful as a group of women coming together to support one another and in the primal journey of birthing our babies we can support one another in so many ways. This time together should not be underestimated in it’s power for us to ‘hold a space’ in our minds and hearts for birthing. A pregnancy yoga class provides just this precious opportunity and is a great joy to teach." - Katie Manitsas

Katie Rose is the author of 'The Yoga of Birth' who wears many hats including those of yoga teacher, activist, doula and vegatarian cook.

Katie was the first certified Advanced Jivamukti Yoga teacher in Australia and has studied extensively with the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda under the guidance of Mother Maya, as well as being a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She completed training as a doula (birthing companion) in 2009.

Katie was the founder of Jivamukti Yoga Sydney (formerly Samadhi Yoga).

Katie also trains yoga teachers and specialises in running pre-natal teacher training. She lives in Sydney's Inner West with her husband, extended family and her four boys.

With great love all is possible!

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