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6 Week Yoga and Astrology Course

Course commences:  5th November

When: 7:45pm - 9:00pm

Cost: $150

Ancient yogis knew that Ida and Pingala align our bodies with the Sun and Moon and attune us — if we’re willing — with all of creation. That explains the term hatha. Ha-tha yoga in actuality means Sun and Moon in Sanskrit. Ha = Sun. Tha = Moon.”

In this Yoga and astrology workshop we will explore how the different astrological signs are associated with different parts of the body. The relationship of astrology and the body parts are interconnected to aesthetics and beauty, highlights prominent features of the zodiac signs.

The benefits of aligning astrology with your yoga practice is about exploring parts of your appearance that you can make the most of and develop further, which speaks from your unique astrological chart.

Whatsmore, you'll discover the different and unique characteristics of our planets and how they influence key areas of your life.

During the six weeks you'll dive deep into your own chart, work with asana to highlight and strengthen areas of your physical body and establish a personal relationship with planets that influence your emotional body.

An introductory price of $150 for 6 75 minutes sessions. On enrolment you will need to send your date, time and place of birth.

Led by Sandeep Virdi, she took her first Asthanga yoga class in Leamington Spa in 1999, she developed a deep love and appreciation for her yoga practice and continued this journey when she moved to Sydney, Australia in 2008.

Her curiosity and love of learning lead her to discover Jivamukti Sydney (then Samadhi Yoga) with Katie Manitsas in 2011. She was immediately taken with the beautiful exchange of energy and inspiration, and the community feel of Jivamukti Yoga Sydney Studio.

She is inspired by the energy that comes from this space where all walks of life experience yoga together on their mat. Sandeep is drawn to the Jivamukti method because of its well thought out methods where students experience dharma talks that support a vigorous, deep, creative practice.


Sandeep offers Yoga, Astrology and Mentoring. As her teacher Debra Silverman says “you don’t need to believe in astrology, astrology believes in you”.  This is powerful statement stays with her every time the planets align to the activities on earth. Proof that we are totally influence by the energy of the planets and their aspects. Read more about Sandeep here

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