What's Next?



With every day that is passing, it is becoming more and more real. I go through a rainbow of feelings; grief and sadness to joy and excitement, and everything that's in between.

Your emails, messages and letters have filled my cup for the next decade or even more.


It is hard for me to put my feelings into words. To explain how much these 9 years have meant to me. How much I have grown by sharing this space with you. How much my heart expended. 


Many tell me that Sukha Mukha is a unique space, where everyone feels like they can be themselves, and as soon as they enter the space they remove all guards. And I believe this is true. I KNOW this is true.

This was created by all of us; Me, Sukha teachers and you, the dedicated students and community. Those of you who trusted in us and believed our vision, that Yoga is for all and everyone.




We have just less than a week before we close the doors at Macpherson street and move on to the next stage. Our last class will be Tuesday November 24th, 6:30am with Lou.

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It sure has been a busy couple of weeks since we realized we need to leave the space.

I have been busy looking for some solution that will be aligned with our spirit and vision.


I am excited to say we are entering a collaboration with Bondi Meditation Center.

This center is run by Matt Ringrose, a Vedic meditation teacher. I have studied with Matt through the years and as I sat in meditation asking for guidance about the next step to come, Matt's image kept appearing. I then contacted him and we since met a few times attending to all the little details for Sukha Mukah to come and offer some Yoga lessons at this sacred and spiritual space that he created with his teachers and community.


It is a beautiful space, and it is filled with so much heart.  I know it is the right place and that you will feel at home strait away.


Our aim is to start offering group classes on Monday November 30th. So please keep checking our live schedule!



We are offering some live-stream classes.

We aim to offer more of these, and some 30 minutes classes to help yo get into a daily practice. So on days you don't have time for a full hour of practice you can join us for 20-30 minutes. It is by practicing often and regularly that more benefits arise.





We will also be offering a few outdoor classes. We are waiting for council permits which should arrive soon!

These classes will be held at Varna Park, just a minute away from Sukha Mukha. Please email us your preferred time slots!




We created a closed FB Group for our community. We sent an invitation to many of you so please check and join us. Let us know if you didn't receive it. We will have lovely offerings on this group to keep the community going.



Please see below more details and contact me with any questions.

Please come with us into this new chapter. I know it pushes many of us into our discomfort zones. But one of the teachings of yoga is to embrace the discomfort and go with the current of change.

We are located at:
Bondi Meditation Centre

281B Old South Head Rd

Bondi, NSW 2026


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