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Intuitive Alchemy &
The Yoga Sutras

a six-week live online exploration into ancient
scripture for modern women 
With Katie Rose

Welcome beauty!  We are so glad you’re interested in exploring ancient yogic teachings through the lens of the healed and divine feminine with us. If you are a yoga practitioner or teacher no doubt you’ve heard of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, one of the most important of all ancient yoga texts.  Perhaps you know one or two of the more famous teachings from this book.  But what you perhaps don’t know is how profoundly powerful this work could be to your life.  How it could transform your relationships, your wellness, your addictions, your dreams and what you’re capable of manifesting. Over the last 20 years Katie has studied this text and applied this text to her own life and been utterly empowered by it time and time again. She now wishes to share it with you...

In this course... 

 In this course which starts on September 1st, over six weeks we will reflect on areas of the Yoga Sutras you’ve never looked at before.  We will dive deep into:

🌹 The role of intuition in your daily life.

🌹The karmas we are holding and how to discharge and release them to be free of the bondage of unresolved trauma and emotional baggage.

🌹How to work with energy to expand what you want to call in and reduce the things that are depleting you.

🌹Dreams and the messages they give us.

🌹The power of intention, visualisation and becoming a pro-active creator of the life you want to live. 

This program is part Yoga Sutra study and part an exploration of your own personal development and spiritual awakening as a woman living in the modern world right now, with all its pressures and obligations.  We’ll talk about family, relationships, social media, addictions, the choices we make and why we make them.  All grounded within the framework of ancient yogic wisdom.

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This program will run entirely online.  We start on September the 1st and over six weeks you can expect:


  • Weekly zoom calls in which we dive deep into the teachings and themes as they apply to your life. There is no dry theory here it’s all practical and vibrantly alive. The calls will go for approximately 1 hour.  

  • A beautiful translation PDF with commentary of the principal Yoga Sutras written by Katie Rose. This translation is not available anywhere else.

  • Weekly tasks and activities to create gentle but sustainable transformation in your life. These tasks will be tailor designed for you (we will all be doing something different).  For example one woman might be jumping deep into dream analysis.  Another might be looking at her libido and sexuality.  Another might be exploring her relationship to food.  The sessions will work in a group coaching / women’s circle format where you’ll get to share and journey along with a group of spiritual sisters as we all do the work together and learn from and lean on each other. 

  • Accountability! We will do the things not just talk about them and I’ll give you tools to keep you on track and seeing results. I’m all about small incremental habit changes.  Through gentle and manageable tweaks to your lifestyle and routines you’ll see massive results.

  • Pre-recorded audios and journaling tasks to support the ‘live’ work. This material will remain available to you after the six weeks' course is over so you can revisit it at any time.  It will also be a useful resource if you are a yoga teacher wanting to share and integrate the Sutras in your offerings.

  • A PDF copy of my Mindful Living Journal book. 


By the end of the immersion you’ll have a thorough and applied knowledge of the Yoga Sutras.  You’ll have elevated your own personal spiritual practice and you’ll be ready to integrate the ancient philosophy of yoga into your lifestyle and teaching with ease, skill and grace.

Zoom Calls
Dates & Times

Thursday September 2nd 6pm

Thursday 9th September 10am

Tuesday 14th September 6pm

Tuesday 21st September 10am

Monday 4th October 10am

Thursday 7th October 6pm

The calls will go for approximately 1 hour.

Time zone: Sydney Australia.
Recordings of all these calls will be made available to you if you can’t attend live (and so you can re-watch later).
The true benefit comes in showing up and participating so we hope you can join us live on as many of the calls as possible.  

This Training is for you if you:

  • Have an interest in yoga philosophy but don’t know how it is relevant for you.

  • Have been frustrated with the lack of women’s teachings in the traditional yoga world.

  • Feel stuck in some areas of your life and want to juice up your practice and reignite your spark.

  • Love to talk dreams, relationships, intuition and all the woo-woo things whilst keeping it real and relevant.

  • Are a yoga teacher who wants to integrate the teaching of yoga scripture into your classes and offerings in a way that’s relevant and meaningful for a contemporary audience.

  • Want to really and deeply understand the Yoga Sutras but don’t want to spend hours and hours in dry academic study.

  • Have a copy or two of the Sutras on your book shelf but haven’t actually read them yet!​

This Training is
NOT for you if you:

  • Want a word for word academic approach to translations and interpretation of each Sutra.

  • Don’t believe we can apply the teachings of yoga to our modern world in a way that’s juicy and alive.

  • Are not willing to look deeply into yourself and poke around in the shadows (as well as the light) to allow personal transformation to blossom.

  • Don’t like group-work and prefer to work one to one (in which case private coaching might be better for you).

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