Sukha Mukha Yoga Deal
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Step 2: Choose your subscription


Almost there. Your $14 for 14 days Special Deal allows you to experience our beautiful Sukha Mukha Yoga classes, teachers and community. Enjoy daily yoga and get inspired well beyond the physical practices of Asana.


Choose now which of the options below suits you best in case you decide to continue your practice with us.


  • Select which program you believe will meet your needs best.

  • If you decide you do not wish to continue with Sukha Mukha Yoga, you can cancel your special subscription anytime during your14 days trial period! To cancel your chosen membership/subscription all you need to do is email us at info@sukhamukhayoga.com and in the subject write: " cancel subscription" - and we will immediately attend to it.

  • If during your 14 days trial period you decide you wish to continue with your chosen subscription -  there is nothing you need to do and your trial will automatically roll into your subscription/membership.

  • If during your 14 days trial you decide you wish to change your chosen subscription/membership, then just email us and in the subject write " change subscription/membership" and we will attend to it immediately.

Choose your preferred options:


1week unlimited Yoga

No minimum period - $49 / week

A great weekly membership option for only $7 per day with no contract, giving you the freedom & flexibility to explore the different styles of yoga; no strings attached!


Minimum term: No minimum

Unlimited Yoga

Only $7.00 per day 

1 week Yoga

$39 / 3 classes per week limit

If you want to dive deep into the practice of Yoga and see benefits sooner rather than later, then this membership will encourage you to prioritise the practice.

Enjoy unlimited yoga classes over 30 days.


Only $13 per class


6 months unlimited Yoga

$39 / week

This offering is for those who know how Yoga benefits their health and wellness and are ready to commit for a longer term membership. Enjoy unlimited practice of yoga classes, with special benefits.


- $78 direct debit fortnightly

- Member discounts for workshops and training programs

- Free 1 x 7 week course (valued at $160)

Only $5.60 per day



I confirm I wish to benefit from Sukha Mukha's special offering of $14 for 14 days of unlimited yoga and enjoy the benefits yoga has to offer physically, mentally and emotionally. I understand I will be billed $14 for the first 14 days of practice, after which I will be billed the plan I choose, unless I give notice before this period of 14 days ends. I understand and confirm a cancellation via email to info@sukhamukhayoga.com must be sent before the 14 days period of my trial ends and that if I fail to do so, I will be charged according to the plan/subscription I chose.