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An Invitation to join our community

I recently picked up a copy of Yoga Journal Australia which happened to be the Teacher Training special for this year and I was astounded by how many teacher training offerings were listed. From Yin Yoga to Yogalates the market in Australia has exploded in the last few years.

This inspired me to reflect on the teacher training here in Sydney I set up with the support of my mentor and teacher Simon Low from London nearly 15 years ago now. I could never have imagined from those seeds such a vibrant and dedicated community would blossom. It is from those seeds that the Jivamukti Yoga community in Australia sprouted, that the first accredited Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training happened in Sydney and that the training I’ve just mentioned which is now the Sukha Mukha teacher training was born. The training has had a few incarnations but has largely remained the same which is a deep testament to how thorough, detailed and comprehensive it is. It was always my vision to offer a training that educated participants in the broad spectrum of what yoga is, so that each teacher could find their own calling – or dharma – and go on to deepen study and practice. This intention still holds true today and Idit Heffer-Tamir who is now the guardian and director of the training holds the same vision. We wish to help those who take the training figure out and uncover the talents and gifts they each have to offer as a teacher. The Bhagavad Gita reminds us time and time again that it is only through nurturing our own dharma (true calling) in this lifetime that we will bring into the light what we can offer in terms of serving others. To teach yoga is a calling and a service and the Sukha Mukha training has been designed and is taught with those two elements at the forefront.

There are many ‘new’ teacher trainings emerging each year and some of them are wonderful – I’ve taught and studied on a few – but I come back to my hOMe and remember that from little seeds big trees can grow and that the training we created all those years ago is still a dynamic and vibrant offering. If you’re considering deepening your own practice or offering your love of yoga out into the world by learning to teach in 2018 you won’t find a better hOMe for yourself than Sukha Mukha.

Three years ago Idit and I took the next step and developed an advanced level teacher training. It took us over ten years to take this leap because we wanted to be really ready, really entrenched in the teachings, living and lived, and offering something from the heart and grounded in experience. When we designed the syllabus we didn’t sit down and look at a set of criteria for certification and we didn’t look at what others were offering in the same market. We just talked about what we love in our teaching, what we are currently practicing and what is lighting us up. We designed the program from that place – a place of pure passion and joy. A celebration of our years as teachers and trainers and practitioners.

We came up with four broad categories; sequencing thorough the chakras, yoga tailored for individuals, sacred scripture and sustainable teaching (self-practice). From this place we designed a rich and deep curriculum which has received feedback beyond what we could have hoped for.

Combined with the annual offerings in Prenatal Yoga (from me), guest teachings from Jasmine Tarkeshi of Laughing Lotus and the upcoming trainings in Restorative Yoga as well as other teacher-level trainings available at Sukha Mukha over time you can complete the 500 hour level of training which takes you from beginner teacher to a deeper place of really being able to serve your communities and specialise in your heart’s calling.

We are honoured to have you in our community, whether a new member or an old friend. I was standing at the ATM yesterday in a small town on the South Coast of NSW when the lady behind me whose face looked familiar asked ‘Katie?’ – ‘Yes’ I replied and she went on to enthusiastically tell me that she’d been one of the first students of my teacher training over ten years ago, and that it had changed her life profoundly. She said that she still received my newsletters and feels part of the community created so long ago. She’s still making a living from teaching yoga and she thanked me for my role in her life. So sweet to hear such words from a ‘stranger’, who is not really a stranger at all of course, and to know that what we do makes a difference in a sustained and long term way. Join us in 2018 and we will help you uncover your potential to be of service and to deepen your personal journey in yoga.

Hari OM

Katie Manitsas

January 2018

We have a SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER on the 4th week of January (22-29). Deposit needs to be paid during that week in order to receive a 10% discount for all teachers and 15% discount to all Sukha Mukha 200 hour Teacher Training Graduates - this includes the whole course OR a module of your choice.

For all the information about the course and the different modules and mentoring click here.

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