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Spring Market Smoothie

In the last few weeks of Spring the market produce starts to change… Cucumbers and zucchinis replace potatoes and pumpkins, huge bouquets of soft fragrant herbs appear, seemingly out of thin air, and the fruits grow from oranges and apples to peaches, nectarines and cherries. This is a simple green smoothie using the produce found at our local market over the last week or so, but chop and change to suit what is available near you! Avoid adding ice to this smoothie as it is already quite cooling for the body. Getting used to drinking your smoothies at room temperature may seem strange at first, but your digestion will thank you in the end! If I’m having this for breakfast I like to add a handful of soaked oats or quinoa flakes and chia seeds too!Ingredients1 cup of green tea1/4 cup coriander1 cup chopped cucumber1 cup chopped peach1 cup green leaves (kale, lettuce, spinach etc)Juice of one lemon1 tablespoon fresh ginger, grated1 teaspoon of maca powder½ avocadoMethodAdd everything to the blender, blend and enjoy! Top with nuts, seeds or muesli if desired.

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