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Sara Smith

Sara found her way onto the yoga mat many years ago and it was love at first sight. To begin she practiced private lessons, before deciding she would like to deepen her practice, learn more and share this beautiful gift (of yoga) with other people. She then enrolled to the teacher training at Samadhi Yoga Newtown, completing 200 hour teacher training. Changing her life and most importantly her attitude toward life. Sara enrolled to a few more teacher training courses developing further her understanding of yoga both as a yoga student and a yoga teacher. She is interested in all facets of yoga – especially the connection she finds between mind, body and spirit and finds she can experience this best through the practice of vinyasa yoga as the breath marries the movement, creating a moving meditation. She has also studied closely with Sarah Powers, practicing and teaching yin yoga.

In her classes she likes to incorporate ways to take yoga off the mat and into our everyday lives – as this is when and where the real yoga happens. She encourages laughter in class as after all – laughter is the best medicine. She considers herself fortunate for the journey she has taken so far and looks forward to learning and experiencing more through yoga on and off the mat. 

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