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Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing

with Phoebe Joel

When: Friday 27th September


Time: 6.30 - 8.30 pm

Price: $45 Early Bird until 20th September / $55 Afterwards

Soak in the serene sounds, deep vibrations, and healing energy of Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls as we move through a series of deeply relaxing restorative yoga asana. 

This workshop is focused on releasing deep layers of tension stored in the physical and energetic body. We will utilise a combination of restorative and gentle yoga poses in conjunction with sound healing to allow the mind and body to rejuvenate and return to a calmer, clearer state.  This session is particularly effective for those recovering from, or living with, injury or illness or for those who simply want to deeply relax.

This session is an excellent choice for those who need something gentle yet effective for bringing the body into balance and reducing stress.

*No prior yoga experience is required*

People with chronic conditions should contact Phoebe prior to the session.



Phoebe Joel is a leading international expert in Tibetan Sound Healing, an ancient healing modality that utilises the deep vibrations and soothing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls. She is also an accomplished yoga instructor specialising in yin, restorative and therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra and meditation. She has studied under the world's most eminent living masters including Yogirajas Alan & Sarah Finger of ISHTA Yoga, Leslie Kaminoff and Sarah Powers. Learn more about Phoebe:

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