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Reiki Trainings at Yogatime

With Wiebke Queisser

At Sukha Mukha, we pride ourselves on our sense of community and collaboration. If you are looking to start energy healing, then Yogatime provides an authentic space for you in Bondi to learn and connect to a wonderful authentic vibrant community. 

  • Have you wanted to work as an energy healer?

  • Learn rituals and techniques for grounding, protecting & charging yourself with magnificent healing energy? 

  • Complement other healing methods and skills you already have? 

  • Become more in-tune with your own energy body? 

  • Dive deeper into this ancient energy healing modality and learn effective healing techniques to support wellbeing and immune function of the body and its energetic system?

These trainings are the first step into discovering more about the amazing human energetic system. The numbers will be kept small (6-8 students) to ensure enough time for each student individually and to provide a supportive, intimate space for this beautiful Reiki journey to organically unfold.


At Yogatime, Reiki level ONE and level TWO trainings are offered and Reiki refresher trainings for a deep dive into this ancient energy healing modality with a unique and effective approach.


To find out more details, dates and the facilitator click the button below or call now on 0405 945 748.

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