Pasay Pups Annual Christmas Fundraising Yoga Class

with Katie Rose (Manitsas)

When: Sunday, 22nd December

Time: 10am - 12pm

Price: $30 (all proceeds go to Pasay Pups in the Phillipines).

Join Katie for our annual fundraising class; a classic Jivamukti Yoga asana experience to raise funds for a good cause this Christmas. Music, asana, inspiration, meditation, fun and laughter.

The work Pasay Pups is doing to try to improve the welfare of animals and create a kinder generation for everyone in the in Sarhento Mariano cemetery of Pasay (Manila, Philipines). Katie had the incredible opportunity to spend time there and knows first hand how much of a difference these funds can make.


As we head into the busy Christmas Holidays and immerse yourself in gratitude as well as finding some peace and tranquility at a time of year that has become increasingly commercial. We will practice dynamic asana, listen to funky soulful music and meet in Satsang to celebrate together the peace and harmony that is the original message of Christmas.


Start your Christmas by giving, in gratitude and on your yoga mat – join us for this festive event!

We are located at:
Bondi Meditation Centre

281B Old South Head Rd

Bondi, NSW 2026


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