10 Week Online Yoga Fundamental Course

with Johara

Next Course Commences: 13th October

When: Saturdays 9:00 - 10:00 am

Cost: $120 (free for members)

Join Johara to explore the foundations of Yoga, from the comfort of your own home. During this course Johara will introduce both the physical aspects of yoga (asana or poses) alongside the philosophical, providing a well-rounded holistic foundation to yoga that builds from week to week.

This class is perfect for absolute beginners as well as continuing or past yoga students. Movements covered in the first series will be clearly explained allowing students to learn or build on current knowledge. New asanas (poses) will be explored helping build strength, balance and flexibility

Jo has a background in dance with a special interest in how the body moves as a whole and how the fascial system impacts breath, flow and ease of movement.

Persistent injuries and chronic pain (from both dance and life in general) were the catalysts for investigating other modalities to improve body awareness, strength, flexibility and overall health. Eventually finding Yoga in 2016, Jo hasn’t looked back. In just three years, Jo has explored a variety of styles coming to fall in love Hatha/Vinyasa flow and yin – so much so she has achieved her qualification to teach both in 2018 at Sukha Mukha Yoga.

In her Yoga teaching, she aims to combine her knowledge of body movement with traditional Yoga postures and philosophy. Joining breath and movement to quiet the mind and find ease, both on and off the mat.

Why do Yoga?

  • Improve strength and flexibility, balance and posture.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Increase energy levels, concentration and focus

  • Gain a greater awareness of mind/body and connection to breath.

  • Improve joint mobility and core strength for greater freedom and ease of movement

What do you need?

In an ideal world! – yoga mat, 2x yoga blocks, strap/belt, chair, blanket, bolster space to lay down with arms extended either side of ears

Reality! – Yoga mat (if possible – cheap from K-mart/BigW/Target – but only if you are out shopping for food!), pillows or cushions, blanket, 2x towels, belt or scarf (non-stretch material), chair, space to lay down with arms extended either side. Potentially, a wall with clear space to lean on and also sit against.

We are located at:
Bondi Meditation Centre

281B Old South Head Rd

Bondi, NSW 2026

Email: info@sukhamukhayoga.com

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