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ONEonONE Mentoring

with Idit Hefer-Tamir

60 CPD

When: Intakes open, enquire for availability

Price: $1300

Period: 14 weeks

Sukha Mukha is more than happy (and proud) to announce its ONEonONE mentoring program.

Are you a new yoga teacher, or about to become one? Finding your path, network and style can be quite challenging, like any new job or lifestyle. It actually can feel like jumping alone in the deep end! 

This mentoring is also for teachers who have become stuck in their teaching and need some direction and inspiration to reconnect with their inner truth and passion for yoga. To be reminded why they chose this to begin with, and how to get out from the automatic pilot mode they have been stuck on. Many teachers finish their teacher training with the desire to share these teaching with others, and yet, as we start the path of teaching, doubt and confusions can arise.


In my experience, after I graduated from my 200 hours teacher training and started taking more courses and training, I often found the teachers to be judgmental and criticizing of the previous training programs I have taken. It would often leave me insecure and confused as to what is the "right" way to teach, and to doubt my choices and decisions.

I believe we each have a voice. A true and authentic voice to share with our students. Rather than trying to become someone else, our greatest gift to ourselves and our students is to become ourselves, love ourselves, and share our insights with others. 

My aim in this training is to help and support you to find your true self in this. To remove what is not you TODAY, at this time, present moment, and from this point to find techniques, methodologies, ideas and suggestions to share this with your students. My own teaching style has changed through the years. Partially due to age, and in part due to different experiences I have gone through, not only physically, but more so mentally and emotionally, insights I have had, lessons I have learned. What remains the same for me is my passion for yoga, and using the asana as a tool to take yoga off the mat and into every day life and every day moments. And to do so with joy, kindness and compassion.

 I hope to share this with you....

Your Teacher:

Idit Hefer Tamir has been running teacher trainings for over a decade, during which one of the things she has excelled at is giving constructive feedback to those on the path of becoming yoga teachers. Being able to meet the aspiring teacher where they are, and helping them become the best version of themselves, she shed light on the different elements and techniques that makes us better, clearer, more professional and ethical teachers.

Over this time, many graduates asked her if she could mentor them and support them on the path as they embark on the path of teaching yoga, with all the questions and issues it brings along. After thinking about the right way to do so, she has finally decided to run a ONEonONE mentoring program for the first time in Sydney. 

Unlike the group mentoring program, in which the group delves into important questions that are to be asked, this new mentoring program focuses completely on the individual, on planning classes, on language, delivery, voice, assisting, holding space, and will give personal support to whatever it is the individual struggles with, is interested in, or curious about.

"Taking an intelligent approach means working toward your goal step by step."


- T.K.V. Desikachar

Our Lineage

Our lineage goes a long way back. Idit Hefer's teachers have studied with Sri Pattabhi Jois and T.K.V Desikachar. Idit was inspired greatly by Jasmine Tarkeshi of Laughing Lotus, Katie Manitsas of Jivamukti yoga, Sharon Gannon and David Life the co-founders of Jivamukti Yoga and over the years, maintained her love for vinyasa yoga but with more attention to the individual and to alignment. 

Our passion is to share the gift of Yoga in it’s deepest essence which is beyond the Physical. Our main form of practice and the lineage from which we come is Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic flow which gives the freedom to creatively express oneself. This is what we consider the essence of Yoga, linking Breath and Movement with Intention, celebrating the joy in life and the wisdom of Yoga as a lifestyle.

We see Yoga as a way of life — something to practice both on and off the mat. Yoga allows us to become more present and free of stress, to reconnect with our spirit and the truth of who we are.  At Sukha Mukha our classes are physically challenging and spiritually uplifting. We always draw back to the meaning, source and Philosophy of Yoga and realise just how relevant they are to our lives today.  At the end of class you will leave feeling in harmony with your body, mind and soul.


The Program


  •  2 classes a week at Sukha Mukha for 14 weeks, mandatory 1 class a week. (If living far away a solution will be found).

  • Assisting mentor once a week for a period of 12 weeks. If unable to make it to the mentor's classes, other options will be given with advanced teachers. At the beginning more observation, and over time, teaching a different portion each week, then receiving feedback from mentor for the portion that was taught.

  • Teaching one class a week for a period of 7 weeks. Mentor will come to one of the classes towards the end of the period to give feedback. (If living far away from Sukha Mukha a solution will be found). Preparation for this in advance including creating a theme, something we will be working towards both physically and spiritually. Class plans will be made prior to teaching and reviewed by mentor before teaching the class. This will strengthen the mentored teacher/mentoree in understanding and perfecting class planning, intelligent sequencing and theming, time management and much more.

  • Video call session once per fortnight to answer questions, concerns, issues, anything that arises through teaching or in general.

  • 3 x 2 hour group workshops spread over the 14 weeks period; 

      - 1 x 2 hours workshop about Theme-ing

      - 1 x 2 hours workshop about language

      - 1 x 2 hours workshop about holding space​



You will gain 60 CPD hours. 


To get accreditation you must have done 200 hours of yoga teacher training. The course is open to everyone but only certified yoga teachers can get the certification.

Please note that we do not offer any refunds. Payments are non-refundable. Payment in part or in full confirms your place and is therefore binding. In special circumstances, if you are unable to attend the course for which you have booked we may consider a transfer or a credit note, at our discretion. Credit notes WILL NOT be offered after the date of the course that has lapsed. Sukha Mukha Yoga serves the right to change the location or the hours of the training if the need arises.

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