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Lis Cancio

Lis is the kind of teacher that makes people feel at home and engaged. She is highly skilled and passionate in shifting clients from habitual stress and worry to renewed ease and clarity. Her approach to wellness is relatable, educational and fun. She appreciates the busy and complex nature of modern living and seeks to empower participants with take home skills, current research and stories that awaken potential to heal and rise strong, even with the inevitable up's and down's.

Her path to these practices began in her late teens following a family crisis. This was the catalyst to a regular practice which allowed for perspective and compassion during tough times. These benefits continue to be consistent in her own life and inspire her mission to teach and facilitate both busy mums, creatives and CEOs alike.

Lis believes we're all born resilient, however the fast pace and new pressures of urban life can burn out the best of us. Her sessions focus on practical, purposeful methods to restore balance and an embodied presence. These invaluable life skills are how we cultivate energy and insight to meet the changing times with renewed grace and fortitude.

Lis has been a dedicated teacher and research geek in the arena of personal transformation since 2010. She enjoys merging modern research on Psychology with wisdom traditions such as Mindfulness and Yoga.This powerful approach to wellness has been successfully led in organisations such as MTV, Zurich and Corporate Travel. Alongside this she hosts global yoga retreats and regular meditation and yoga workshops.

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