Getting to Know Your Chakras with Magdalena Potipa

When: Saturday, 2nd December 2017

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Price: $45 Early Bird Price until November 18th, $55 thereafter

Join our guest teacher Magdalena Potipa and get to know your Chakras!


Chakras are energy centers in our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

The 1st through 3rd Chakra are our connections to physical and external power (environment), meaning everything that correlates to our physical earthly life, while the 4th through 7th Chakra correspond with the nonphysical, internal, mental and spiritual world.


We have been taught that we have 7 main chakras but in fact, we have 12. As the energy level is rising on Earth, more and more people will discover and connect with the other 5 main chakras.


When our chakras are in balance, illness cannot prevail or be, and trials of life seem simpler and more easily handled.


Most of us have fears that cloud these chakras. Stress, anger, frustration and disagreements has an impact on the chakras and can create blockages. They can also be affected by interactions with other people, news, TV, and any other encounter you may come upon.


Chakra balancing is an internal cleansing on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Clearing clouded chakras and blockages will allow energy to flow more freely and easily. Just as we bathe, clean and take care of our physical bodies, so we can do with our soul and our chakras.


In this interactive workshop, we will discuss the different chakras and how they correspond to our everyday life. You will be guided through a meditation to clean, balance and heal your chakra energy centers. You will also learn how to balance your chakras yourself and how to close them, for everyday use.


You may record this meditation for personal use.

Magdi will be offering four workshops and we highly recommend booking for all, as they are interconnected:

1st workshop (The ethics of being a yogi/yogini) focuses on becoming aware of the value of our judgments, our outlook on ourselves, on others and life itself. This is probably an old programed pattern and the way we perceive our world. This will of course be our reality/truths. If these thought patterns are negative, they will debilitate you on all levels of you.

2nd workshop (How you can heal yourself) is to give you simple tools to heal your language, but accept that awareness is a precondition to heal. If you are not aware of cause and effect, you can't heal. The healing meditation is short but very powerful and can be used anytime you wish, when wanting to transform or heal old feelings or pain.


3rd workshop (Recapture your power as a female) is about our journey on earth as females and how we have been programmed to see ourselves, how we have accepted to value ourselves from a male's perspective. This is strongly ingrained in our DNA. Magdi will guide a healing and cleansing meditation that also can be repeated at home.


4th workshop (Get to know your chakras) is about a specific energy body, our Chakras and how imbalance can affect us in our every day lives, the importance of cleaning our Chakras, just as we clean ourselves physically by taking a shower. Together we will meditate to balance each Chakra individually and program new healthy and loving invocations for becoming more of our true selves.

We are truly blessed having her visiting Australia, as her workshops were sold out last time and all those who met her left inspired and touched.

We are located at:
Bondi Meditation Centre

281B Old South Head Rd

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