Five Days Workshops with Jasmine Tarkeshi

When: Friday to Tuesday, 5-7th August 2018

Time: 8:00am - 10:00am


5 Days, 2 hour workshops in the mornings

  • $310 Early Bird Price until July 3rd

  • $385 thereafter​



Day one: Samadhi Pada – Union


Dive into the devotional chapter and practices of the Sutras of longing to re-unite with your true self! We will break down the definition of “Yoga” in Sutras 1:2-1:3 will explore the many practices and suggestions, aimed at re-patterning our minds and dissolving our samskaras or impressions through the guidance of Sutra 1:12 . “Abhyasa Vairagyabhyam tanirodha” Through devoted practice and non-attachment liberation is attained. We will super sequence a devotional practice of standing poses “setting up to set free” through a repetitive moving mantra to create new patterns in our minds and lives.



Day two : Sadhana Pada - Practice 


Welcome to the Path of Action:activism! Described as Kriya Yoga, we are guided on how to break free of the Klesas or causes of suffering through dynamic effort;Tapas, self study; svadyaya and Surrender/Service; Isvarapranidhana through the eight limbed path of Yoga. We will break down the Kleshas and see how they express themselves on and off the mat and the practices aimed to alleviate their impact our lives and the world through super sequencing an intense practice including lots of purifying twists.   


Day Three: Vibhuti Pada - Power 


Awaken to yoga’s super powers of your practice! Through samayama, the culmination of the last three limbs of Yoga; Dharana, Dyana and Samadhi, we will focus our minds on attaining even the most challenging poses through super sequencing into arm balances and inversions with the understanding that these achievements serve as warnings and to use these powers only for benefiting others and always return to the true aim of our practice: Union with our highest nature.



Day Four: Kavalia Pada – Liberation


Welcome to the quieter side of your practice leading to inner freedom or “Kavalia”. We will super sequence a “freedom flow” bringing the wisdom of this final chapter to life moving towards longer held sage poses including twists, forward bends and passive poses to guide us deep within where liberation lives.  


Day Five: Living the Sutras 


Super Sutra Celebration! Let’s offer all the fruits of our practices to serve the world through super sequencing a back bending practice aimed at expressing the heart of Yoga: compassion in action! We will explore the many ways in which our own healing and liberation is bound to the liberation and healing of others and the world around us. We will make conscious vows to LIVE our yoga through our Dharma where our lives are aligned with our highest truth and the living breathing mantra: Lokha Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings everywhere be happy and free from suffering and may the thoughts, words, deeds and actions of my own life, contribute in some way. 

We are located at:
Bondi Meditation Centre

281B Old South Head Rd

Bondi, NSW 2026


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