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Emmie Rae

The first time Emmie stepped into a yoga class, her whole world began to shift. With a life long love of dance, music, poetry  and storytelling, the vinyasa yoga style sparked something instantly, but it wasn’t until looking deeper into the spiritual teachings of yoga, adding both meditation and yin yoga to her practice did the benefits seem to flood outward from the mat and into all areas of life. Emmie wishes to share with her students the immense impact a mind, body and spirit connection can have on daily life.

Emmie has studied with, and is deeply inspired by Idit Hefer-Tamir, Katie Manitsas, Jasmine Tarkeshi and Sarah Powers. Drawing on both her love of living life fully and committing to a meditation practice, Emmie’s classes are joyful and celebratory whilst allowing time for stillness and looking within, honouring the bodies constantly changing needs – what she believes to be crucial elements of a yoga practice for the sensory overload of the outside world.

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