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The Art & Soul Of Tantra Yoga With Jasmine Tarkeshi

When: Sunday's October 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

Time: Asana 07:30-09:00 am / TT 07:30am-12:30pm

Where: At home via Zoom

Price:  See below

Join Jasmine Tarkeshi, one of the founders of  Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers in the US and now Body and Soul Yoga Collective, for a 25 hour Teacher Training, The Art and Soul of Tantra!


Jasmine will lead us on a healing and creative journey through living, practicing and teaching through lens of Tantra Yoga with two options to participate: as a 25 hour Advanced Teacher Training over 4 Sundays or a 1-4 day immersion with morning practice.


You will learn the beautiful Tantric teachings that will inspire you to live, practice and teach in deep intimacy with nature and your nature through ancient and often misunderstood wisdom of Tantra Yoga. One of yoga’s original paths and practices as art, science, healing and liberation, in Sanskrit, Tantra means “weaving” or “interconnection.” It comes from the root tan, meaning “to extend” or “to expand.” It is an ancient form of yoga, path of ritual and practices to awaken shakti (dormant creative energy) . NOW, more than ever these teachings are essential to integrate into our practice and lives to heal our relationship to our bodies, each other and our world.


One of Tantra Yoga’s basic principles is seeing the sacred in the mundane, so there is no better time than now, during a global pandemic when we are asked to restrict our external movements, to recognize the sacred within and that is present within the most simple, familiar and challenging moments.  The objective of Tantric training is to transcend the barriers of duality; body and spirit, holy and unholy, dark and light, as a means to reveal our true Self. Through the tantric lens we aim to see all aspects of the natural world as manifestations of the Divine Shakti. Tantra celebrates the human body and teaches the acceptance of the world—of all events and experiences—viewing everything as sacred teachings of life to cultivate spiritual understanding and that no area of life should be rejected moving us towards Freedom, spontaneity, creativity, and well-being in this lifetime.


Tantra Yoga uses Asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing practices)  mudras (sacred hand gestures), mantra, (sacred formulas) and yantras (mandalas symbolizing the Cosmos) as rituals to connect to Shakti (the Divine Mother) in Her countless forms and merge with her beloved Shiva (transcendental self). Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of Devotion) is an integral aspect of Tantra and at it’s heart its heart is Dasha Maha Vidya Yoga (the yoga of the Ten Great Wisdoms) around which this training will weave.


Our 4 day training will be an exploration of Tantra’s 10 great wisdom through practice, theory and self inquiry. You will learn to recognize the sacred teachings of every aspect of life and simple daily rituals to incorporate into your practice. This training will also be an exploration of the teachings in the great Tantric and yogic texts; The Shiva Samhita and The Hatha Yoga Pradipika where the body is honored as a microcosm of the macrocosm though which we return to our beautifully balanced state.

Let’s  plunge into the world of Tantra to inspire and empower you on your Path to a lifetime of health and happiness.

 Through this training with Jasmine you will learn to incorporate Tantra’s basic principles into your practice, teaching and life.



  • An exploration of Tantra’s great wisdoms, or the Maha Vidya through a daily live zoom 90 minute Vinyasa class, 3 hour interactive , dynamic Philosophy session, some pre-recorded content and journaling to inspire your week between sessions.

  • Discover how these wisdoms are represented in the body, mind and spirit, their particular approach to self-realization and how they challenge us to look deeper into life.

  • Explore how to weave this wisdom through your practice and teaching.

  • Yantra coloring and meditation with accompanying mantras.



Katie Rose is an inspirational powerhouse, making ancient yogic and ayurvedic wisdom accessible for busy modern-day women.

Her solid grounding in mindfulness and spirituality, along with her authentic ‘say it as it is’ approach and impressive business savvy has earnt her an enthusiastic following amongst yogis in Sydney and Australia.

As a published author, advanced level Jivamukti Yoga and Kundalini Yoga teacher, Ayurveda consultant and doula, women’s health and wellbeing are Katie’s specialty. She holds the highest possible accreditations with both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia and over 20 years, has trained hundreds of yoga teachers.  Katie has recently been developing her skills in coaching and applies this to her wellness work. 

Her passion is in bringing devotion and a sense of the sacred to everyday life. She is an animal rights activist and has a deep reverence for nature. Her most recent book (released by Rockpool Publishing in Australia, USA and UK), ‘Mindful Living’, was published in 2019 and the journal and inspiration cards to follow on its success will be available soon. 

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