8-Week Chakra & Healing Meditation Course

With Daphne Ravey 

When: Commencing Wednesday, 16th October

Time: 7:45pm - 9pm

Price: $160

Your Chakras are the powerful energy centers in your body.

Your Chakras hold hidden insights about your health, emotions, relationships and endocrine system. Chakra healing helps you to release old habits and thought patterns, let go of stress, improve your health and balance your hormones.


In this course you will explore time proven techniques from the yogic tradition including breath, meditation, postures and specific exercises to cleanse, open and charge your Chakras.


Emerge deeply relaxed and replenished from each class.

Benefits include:
Improved health, Increased energy levels

Reduced stress
Improved sleep

An overall feeling of wellbeinG

Peace and balance

 Better relationshipS

 Insight into how your energy body works.


Daphne Ravey is a holistic therapist, educator and spiritual healer. She is a psychotherapist, and Ayurvedic practitioner. She is a senior yoga and meditation teacher with many years of experience both in Australia and India. Daphne works in private practice and runs empowering workshops helping people to develop peace, balance, and fulfilment.

We are located at:
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Bondi, NSW 2026

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