When: June 10th, 2017

Time: 3pm – 7pm


$90 ($15 discount if purchased before June 1st)

All women are warmly invited to come share in this unique workshop that honours our cyclical nature, the elements and the essence of being woman.


Join Sar Friedman in exploring this deliciously feminine and therapeutic approach to self-care.  This workshop explores gentle, rhythmic movement practices,  joyful song, self-care abdominal massage, talking circle and yoga nidra to enhance awareness of our inner wisdom, cycles and elemental connections.


This workshop is suitable for ALL women, no prior knowledge or experience necessary. It is highly recommended for those experiencing painful or irregular periods, stress, fatigue, PMS, Endometriosis, PCOS, reproductive or digestive health issues.


What past participants say:

"I enjoyed the whole experience, particularly the yoga nidra and womb yoga but also learning about the four seasons of a woman’s cycle. Sar’s passion and commitment to this work shone through and allowed all of us to learn while also relaxing and honouring ourselves and all of the women in the group. I highly recommend The Art of Feminine Self-Care for reconnection to self and for deep relaxation." -Bianca-

"Sar it is easy to hear what you are sharing as it comes straight from your heart to ours. This transmission was powerful… loved the invitation to tune in to our body’s innate wisdom in terms of which foot to lead with according to the nostril that was open." -Linda-

" Thank you, Sar! Loved it and got a lot out of it. Incredible teaching and experiential workshop - Gained so many insights into myself and lifelong issues as well as current ones. Thank you!" -Kara-


About Sar:

 Sar is a musician, yogini and physical therapist  - dedicated to women's health and holistic wellbeing. Sar specialises in Women's Yoga Therapy, Menstrual Education and Abdominal Massage for Reproductive, Pelvic & Digestive Health. She weaves together her broad-ranging wisdom and skills to support each woman in creating a deeper, more embodied connection to her Self. 



What to wear:

Comfortable clothes for gentle movement

Bring along some warm layers - definitely a pair of socks to keep feet warm during yoga nidra!

What to bring:

Journal & Pen

1 or 2 personal treasures and/or gifts from nature that remind you of our feminine cycles and rhythms and where YOU currently are in your own cycle!  You'll know intuitively what to bring!

To prepare for the workshop please journal or contemplate the following questions:

In what ways do I honour my feminine cycles and rhythms?
What are my self-care rituals? Is this a daily, weekly, monthly practice?
How do I feel about 'taking time out for myself'' - easy, hard, not enough time?