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Advanced Arm Balances: A Peak Pose Sequence Workshop

With Joao Da Costa

When: Sunday 12th May

Time: 9:45am - 12:45 pm

Price: $45 if paid before April 30th / $55 thereafter

Join Joao in this fun and unique workshop to help you explore the world of Arm Balances. Joao is passionate about inversions and Arm Balances, and constantly plays with these postures in classes.


The idea of this Masterclass/Workshop is to break down some key postures in a workshop style, giving you clarity, alignment, ways to get in and out safely, and build your confidence to help you further advance your practice.


In this 3 hour long class (Vinyasa Krama), we will work on specific group muscles to prepare the body for these Advanced Postures and

Arm Balances.

We will be working towards:

  • Bakasana & Kakasana: Crow and Crane

  • Astavakrasana

  • Eka Pada Bhujasana

  • Eka Pada Koundinyasa A

  • Eka Pada Koundinyasa B

  • Ganda Bherundasana: Chin Stand

  • Gratitudasana: Humble Flamingo


Some practice experience is required, although no prior knowledge or ability to invert is needed.

Not suitable for absolute beginners.


If you have injuries or un-certain if this workshop is for you, please contact us in

We are located at:
38c Macpherson Street
Bronte NSW 2024


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