6 Week Bhakti & Meditation Course

with Katie Rose

When: Commencing Friday 13th November

Time: Fridays 06:30-7:30am (via zoom)

Cost: $108 (SM TT GRADS Receive 10% discount)

For yoga teachers (12CPD) and students


Pre recorded video and audio support from Katie included and will be sent to support your home practice as well as the life sessions.

This course is for you if you want to establish a regular meditation practice OR if you are a teacher wishing to share meditation with your students. 


Each week the session will have four elements:

  • Theory and philosophy of Japa (mantra) Mediation

  • Practice of Japa Meditation

  • Tips for teaching and / or establishing routine and commitment in your practice

  • Guided relaxation to ingegrate the practice as we go

This course is open and suitable for everyone.

‘Mantras are sound - but not just any sound. Mantras are sound that works internally, changing our inner tendencies and impressions.’ Prananda Comtois

  • For this course students will need some mala beads. (If you dont have Mala beads, you can purchase through Tulsi Mala Beads for roughly $10)

  • Recommended book: ‘Wise Love’ by Prananda Comtois  

This course is an introduction to the powerful practice of Bhakti Meditation that will deepen your spiritual practice like nothing else.  When Katie wrote her book 'Mindful Living' in 2019 she said that the practice of mantra meditation is the most powerful of all practices she knew and that it has impacted her life in positive ways more than any other discipline she has  undertaken.  In this course we hope to give you a taste for the power of transformation that can be yours if you commit to a daily meditation practice.  

The magic is in the commitment.  Katie’s teacher Sharon Gannon from Jivamukti Yoga who taught her this meditation technique nearly 25 years ago says 'through repetition the magic is forced to arise'.  It is better that you do 5 minutes every day than 1 hour once a week.  Make a commitment and do the practice daily.  Once it becomes part of your routine it will be effortless.  In this six-week course I will set you up for a practice that could last a lifetime. 

For this practice you’ll need to create a sacred space at home with a nicely set altar or meditation area, perhaps some crystals or a candle.  You’ll also need a journal and pen, and maybe some of your favourite essential oils to hand.  Think of it as a loving offering of self-care from you to you! You may even wish to get together with a dear friend or family member and join us together. The more intention and attention you pay to setting up the space the more potent our time together can be.  This would be ideal.  But do not let the absence of a 'perfect' space be a reason to not meditate.  This meditation is a gift to your life and it will serve you endlessly if you commit to it.  

Why so early in the morning? The scriptures tell us this is the best time to meditate.  During the ‘ambrosial hours’ before the rest of the world wakes up we can more easily find a connection to our heart space.  On a practical level this time is good before work or children or other commitments start calling.  You can join with your mic and video off if you have other people around during your meditation.  Do not let your partner or your child or your dog be a reason you don’t meditate! 


Will the sessions be recorded? Yes, the course fee is $108 and as well as the live sessions you’ll receive access to a week by week unit through Katie’s online learning portal which will offer supporting resources, recordings of the live sessions as well as additional audio files so you can keep up at home in between our weekly sessions.


I can’t afford the course but I really want to join, what can I do? If you are in genuine financial hardship please contact us and we will make the course available to you via a scholarship or skills-trade arrangement. 

We are located at:
Bondi Meditation Centre

281B Old South Head Rd

Bondi, NSW 2026

Email: info@sukhamukhayoga.com

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