Little Sesame Cookies

This recipe for sesame cookies takes just a couple of moments to whip up with ingredients you probably already have on hand. They also happen to be vegan and gluten free without even trying! There is very little sweetener in these, so if you want a sweet treat or aren't used to a more savoury biscuit, [...]

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7 Simple Yoga Practices For In Between Moments

Many of us agree the hardest part of a personal practice is actually getting on the mat. We tend to forget that any practice is better than no practice at all. We also tend to forget that 5 minutes everyday is more beneficial than 3 hours once a week. It is the little things we [...]

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Savoury Zucchini Pancakes

These Korean style pancakes are surprisingly delicious for so few ingredients.  They are great enjoyed straight off the stove, just as they are, or eaten cold as a snack the next day. Once you've mastered the art of this pancake style, almost any vegetable can be used in the mix. Carrot, bean sprouts, spring onion [...]

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This Is How Yoga Teacher Training Changed My Life

How do I describe something like Sukha Mukha Yoga's teacher training in one blog post? How do I use words without excited hand gestures while grinning and looking you in the eyes and saying IT'S THE BEST THING I’VE EVER DONE. TRUST ME. I started teacher training in February. On the first day, I lied. A [...]

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Vanilla Rose Granola

Spring has arrived! Although it might be tempting to reach for the beach towels and raw salads... we're not quite there yet. This vanilla rose granola is a celebratory recipe for making it through yet another winter. Despite the simplicity of this recipe, there is something quite special and a little fancy about it. Rose and [...]

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Cosmic Raw Chocolate Recipe

I've played around with a lot of raw chocolate recipes and I have to say this is my favourite! For simplicity (you know when you need chocolate and need it NOW. yep. those times.) But also for taste and goodness. I use raw honey as it is believed honey is a method by which nutrients [...]

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Ginger Rooibos Chai

It's easy to grab a box of chai flavoured tea bags from the supermarket, but once you try blending it for yourself it will be impossible to go back! Rooibos is not only caffeine free (for those who are sensitive or get more than enough from coffee!) but it has a distinct, slightly nutty, flavour [...]

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Guru Purnima

If you follow yoga related social media accounts, you may have noticed a lot of beautiful gratitude circling around last week. A lot of thank you's to teachers. You may have also seen the words Guru Purnima and wondered what it was all about. What is Guru Purnima?  The full moon day in the Hindu Month of Ashad (July-August) [...]

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Shakti Hot Chocolate Tonic

From an Ayurvedic perspective this tonic is very supportive to vata dosha, which can be quite imbalanced in the winter months. It is deeply warming and grounding in the morning, and easily turned into a sweet treat with half a teaspoon of raw honey, although I find the coconut milk is sweet enough. In her [...]

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When Yoga Makes Us Feel Good…Until It Doesn’t

We often hear that yoga is a transformative practice.  We’re told/expect that we will ‘feel good’ when we leave.  You know, we drift off into that blissed state somewhere after all the moving in the standing sequences.  Our mind quietens, we’re riding the wave of the breath, and we feel good, at peace…until we don’t.  [...]

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